Hemodylasis Treatment For Kidney

The artifical kidney purifies and filters your blood by a device to momentarily rid your body of injurious wastes, additional salt, and additional water. Hemodialysis help to regulate blood pressure and helps your body to maintain the good stability of vital minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, and bicarbonate.

Dialysis can substitute a piece of the function of your kidneys. Food, prescriptions for pills, and fluid confines are regularly desirable as well.

How Hemodialysis Works?

The waste products pass through the membrane into a dialysis solution (dialysate), then out of the machine. The "clean" blood is carried on through and returned safely to the body.

This happens over and over again throughout the dialysis session. Each time the "clean" blood is returned to the body, it picks up more waste products from the cells it circulates through, and brings these newly-collected toxins back to the dialyzer to be removed.

Fresh dialysate is passed through continuously, to make the rate of the cleaning process as fast as possible.

As well as cleaning the blood, the dialysis machine also removes excess water. This part of the process is called ultrafiltration which can be done separately without dialysis.