The choice between hemo or peritoneal dialysis is influenced by a number of considerations such as availability, convenience, underlying medical problems, home situation, and age. Dr. Ravinder Singh Bhadoria with year of experience can help you to decide regarding choice of dailysis.

When to start Dialysis?

It is recommended that dialysis should start before kidney disease has advanced to the point where life-threatening complications affecting the brain, heart lungs occur. If one starts dialysis very late, then the quality of life is not significantly improved even after receiving regular dialysis.

Emergency Dialysis is usually given when

  • Life threatening Hyperkalemia(high potassium levels in blood)
  • Loss of hepatitis,continous weight loss and repeated vomiting
  • Bleeding diathesis due to uremia
  • Bleeding diathesis due to uremia
  • Percarditis, i.e. fluid collection around the heart
  • Patient is an altered mental state or has motor weakness due to involvement of nerves.
  • Blood tests reveal very high BUN/ Serum Creatnine

However patient advised to start on early dialysis electively and not to wait for an emergency, as the emergency dialysis has much higher mortality and morbidity risks.

If youre experiencing symptoms of kidney stones,urine infection or you have been diagnosed with any problem related to kidney, please call us or book an appointment with Dr.Ravinder Singh.He is certified and leading kidney expert in Yashodha Hospital Ghaziabad, India.